How to Clear a Stuffy Nose So Your Baby Can Sleep

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

If you sensed your baby with runny or stuffy nose, it could be symptom to a coming cold.  It is often advised to parents with babies having stuffy nose to learn how to clear a stuffy nose at home using home remedies as this is not such a serious case requiring hospital admission.  Because there are other symptoms which could go with cold, be sure that you are able to alleviate your baby’s stuffy nose in order to give him or her more comfort and would lessen the possibility of cold being aggravated further.

Being an inexperienced parent, you would often find yourself wondering if the treatments on how to clear a stuffy nose for adults apply for infants just the same.  Remember that babies need gentler treatments and ones which require your careful administration as opposed to adults like yourself.  They are at most times easy to accomplish just as long as you take to heart what needs to be done appropriately to steer clear your baby from further or potential harm.

Effective Ways on How to Clear a Stuffy Nose for Babies

It can be hard for babies to relax during daytime with a stuffy nose, much more if it is nighttime and they are being called to sleep already.  How to clear a stuffy nose should earnestly consider the fact that babies need their rest particularly during night in order for them to recuperate quicker.  Because the thickening of the mucus makes it truly difficult for them, take note of these effective ways to combat and clear stuffy nose:

  • Moistening of the Air – Use a humidifier to moisten the air in your baby’s room especially when it’s time to sleep.  Just make sure that you check the condition of your humidifier being clean and free from potential bacteria.
  • Nasal Suction for better Secretions – Saline drops help in effective nasal suctioning and this is necessary to free your baby from thick mucus.  The efficacy on how to clear a stuffy nose in this case however depends on your formulation and execution so be sure you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Effective Sleep Positioning – Position your baby with a slight elevation when putting him or her to sleep.

When to Call Professional Help when How to Clear a Stuffy Nose is Inefficient

Of course you can’t always expect your home remedies to effectively help you on how to clear a stuffy nose for your baby as it differs from case to case.  What is important is you know the signs when you need to call professional help already.  Take note that you need to do so when there is fever of over 101 degrees rectally, nasal mucus turning thick and green, loss of appetite in an excessive manner and when there is persistent coughing leading to rapid breathing and your baby’s lips turning blue.

It may not be easy to deal with stuffy nose.  However, with ample knowledge on how to clear a stuffy nose for your baby you are sure to be able to help alleviate your baby’s discomfort.


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